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Why did we choose Zug as our domicile?

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The city of Zug in German-speaking Switzerland is probably most often associated with low taxes. In fact, this oasis in the Swiss «Mittelland» has attracted many international companies over the years, and their combined economic power has had a significant impact on the standard of living of its 32,000 inhabitants. Aside from major natural resource corporations such as Glencore, Zug is home to «Crypto Valley», a thriving center for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies.

Located in the heart Of Switzerland, the capital of the canton of Zug is connected to the whole world via the hub of Zurich Airport which is less than an hour away from Zug. And Milano, the industrial center of Northern Italy, can be reached by direct train in about 5 hours, Francfort and Paris in about 6 hours via Zurich.

If you expect glass palaces of banks and large corporations, as in other economic metropoles, you may be disappointed, since Zug has preserved its idyllic character with its medieval architecture and unobstructed lake views. But the city has a lot more to offer even for those who are not professionally connected to the place: an excellent healthcare system, first-class schools and a very low crime rate. The old town, which with its narrow streets is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, invites visitors to take a stroll.

Culture vultures also get their money's worth. The Kunsthaus is home to the most comprehensive collection of Viennese modern art outside Austria. Zug and Central Swiss art also form focal points. The museum curates 5 to 6 exhibitions annually.

Zug is host host to a number of events throughout the year, including the Zugerberg Mountain Festival, the yearly carnival, called «Fasnacht», a music festival in August, and the Zug Christmas Market in December.

Last but not least the town is famous for its cherries. They are delicious to eat but most of them end up as brandy, the famous «Zuger Kirsch» If you're ever there, don't miss the «Zuger Kirschtorte» (a type of cake with cream and brandy). But beware! This sweet specialty is not for children.

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